“Creating my Artworks always opens that special space for me to paint my dreams.”


Christine Zenz
Born: 02 December 1976
Lindau/ Bodensee, Bavaria, Germany

I am an artist based on the island Koh Phangan, Thailand. My journey into the world of art began in my early childhood. Through drawing and painting I entered my sacred world where I could be, do, have, create anything that was inside of me and that I desired to express.

I am mainly a self-made artist having attended various art classes and courses. Mostly I am drawn to nature, its wildlife, its powers showing us all of its perfection and beauty. Now living 24 hours outside in nature I especially love painting birds, for me a symbol of freedom, music and joy and creating abstract works inspired of my surroundings and my emotions.

“Creating my Artworks always opens that special space for me to paint my dreams.”

“A journey finding myself,
my purpose, my goals,
my calling.”

My journey in Koh Phangan

The desire to break out of my comfort zone and discover the world, especially Asia, was with me for many decades, when I finally , at the end of 2019 made the decision to quit my job in the luxury branch and booked a flight to Thailand on Januar 1rst 2020.

The lockdown came and lucky me, I got stuck on this beautiful island called Koh Phangan for 7 months, before I returned back to Germany going back to my previous Job. Knowing, it won’t take too long time until I would come back to this magic island. So in march 2022 I came back and I’m still here!

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