Private art lessons and workshops for kids

From the core of my heart I truly believe that nurturing creativity is crucial. Art lessons (in one by one, or small groups) offer a unique opportunity for children to explore their imagination and express themselves through the magical world of art. With focus on fostering artistic skills, boosting self-confidence, and encouraging individuality. Each lesson I do prepare carefully, individually customized for your child. The possibility to switch the prepared lesson into a completely different direction is always given, since I believe that whatever we do with joy is lifting us up, is moving good energy in motion and is motivating.

And every wild spirit should be free.

One-on-One Attention:  in the private lessons I ensure that your child receives undivided attention, allowing them to learn at their own pace and ask questions freely.

Flexible Scheduling:  all lessons can be scheduled at convenient times, also Saturdays and Sundays.

Creative Journey: Beyond technical skills, my aim is in nurturing a lifelong love for art. Bringing a balance to I-pads, cell phones, …

About me:

I am experienced in teaching kids (English and art) and also offer art therapy sessions on request.